Triphala Capsules (Amalaki, bibhitaki, Haritaki) -60 veg Caps

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  • All natural, non-gmo, fillers, binders or preservatives: our professional grade Triphala (Amalaki, bibhitaki, Haritaki) is natural tri[hala powder and has better absorption.
  • 100 percent all natural and pure vegetarian dietary supplement made with Triphala (Amalaki, bibhitaki, Haritaki extract.
  • Triphala (Amalaki, bibhitaki, Haritaki is a plant-based antioxidant that supports healthy inflammation,Supports normal detoxification of the bowels and aids normal bowel movements.
  • The active constituents derived from three fruits exert strong antioxidant effects and promote bowel wellness.


Product Description AYUJIVA Triphala (Amalaki, bibhitaki, Haritaki) Dietary Supplements Veg Capsules,Ayujiva herbal supplements are made of quality ingredients formulated with ancient home made remedies and Ayurveda , is an ancient herbal remedy with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. Triphala may have various health benefits, such as improving oral and digestive health and supporting skin healing.In Ayurvedic medicine, Triphala is considered a tridoshic rasayana, meaning that it has the properties to support all three doshas (air/space, fire/water, and water/earth)


Indian Gooseberry

Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, hence it helps boost your immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments, including cold and cough. Its nutritional profile also comes studded with a range of polyphenols that are known to fight against the development of cancer cells

This humble fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine and is a storehouse of good health. It has almost twice the antioxidant power of acai berry and about 17 times that of the pomegranate.



Bibhitaki (Terminalia berecilla), is a large deciduous medicinal tree and holds a great value in traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Unani. ... Bibhitaki is one among the three fruits of Triphala which help in balancing Kapha. Bibhitaki fruit is dried, powdered and used as medicine in Ayurveda

Bibhitaki is high in gallic acid and ellagic acid, two phytochemicals that have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and body weight



Haritaki, known by the vernacular names Harad in Hindi.haritaki has a bitter taste. It is rich in vitamin C and substances found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. People use haritaki to promote healing from a number of conditions ranging from sore throat and allergies to constipation and indigestion.

Health Benefits Of AYUJIVA AYURVEDIC Capsules


Weight Loss

According to a study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, animals fed a high-fat diet experienced weight loss and a reduction in high cholesterol when supplemented with Triphala. The researchers concluded that, after 10 weeks of use, mice prescribed a daily dose of Triphala had lower body weight, body fat, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and "bad" LDL cholesterol than the untreated mice


Dental Disease

As with many multi-herbal medications, it is unknown which constituents in Triphala are bioactive. A number of test-tube studies have shown that Triphala exerts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, although these types of results rarely translate to the same degree of effect in humans. One area in which Triphala offers benefits is in dental health, including reduction of plaque and the prevention of gum disease and cavities.



The fruits used in Triphala are rich in vitamin E, flavonoids, and polyphenols, all of which are potent antioxidants. It has been proposed that by neutralizing free radicals that damage cells at the molecular level, the antioxidants in Triphala may slow or prevent the development of certain aging-related diseases. One such example is cataracts.

Key Features Of AYUJIVA AYURVEDA Capsules

Ayurveda,an Ancient Science,backed with Modern Science

Ayujiva prides itself in combining the 5000-year-old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern science backed research to bring customers superior, extensively researched supplements that are made for today’s generation. Our supplements are designed to work with your body’s natural intelligence and your own positive life choices to support your well-being and inspire your best life. Wellness isn’t just about living longer — it’s about living better.


Keeps You Healthy

Perform yoga, aerobic exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, moderate your sodium and alcohol intake, and take our unique supplement, and you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes to giving your body what it needs for a long, healthy life. A great supplement to combine with healthy diet & exercise to help you achieve your health & wellness goals! Easily digestible and assimilated form, makes it one of nature's perfect multivitamins


100% Organic Capsules

                                                                                                                                                                We take no shortcuts and always strive to provide you with the highest quality herbs we can find. This product includes 100% organic ingredients because you deserve the best.


Easy to Swallow and Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

100% Certified Organic Ingredients

No Binders Or Fillers

No Artificial Colours Or Flavours

GMO Free

Free from Allergens such as Gluten, Wheat, Lactose and Nuts

Easy Swallow Capsules

Our Organic Triphala Capsules are Vegan & Vegetarian friendly 


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